Here’s the Single Thing that Kills Almost Every Small Business’ Marketing Campaign

“Should I auto-post my blogs to Twitter?”

“How do I let people subscribe to my blog updates via email?”

“How can I create an automated ‘drip’ email class using WordPress?”

“How do I get more sales from my website?”

“Should I redesign my website?”

“How much should I pay for a website redesign?”

Digital Marketing Is a Vast Chasm of Wasted Dreams

There are no magical cures for your dragging sales.

There’s no silver bullet to kill the werewolves in your biz.

There’s no sure thing.

It’s all gonna be trial and error and investment and heartbreak and on and on until you finally figure out the beast’s weakness, exploit it, and become someone with F.U. time & money.

Basically, it’s like marriage.

The best advice I can give you in exploring everything, including marriage & digital marketing, is this: Get curious.

What’s the First Thing a Digital Marketer Should Do?

If you are a total newbie to digital marketing, then buy Google Adwords.

In fact, here’s the quickest Google Adwords tutorial you’ll ever see!

Here’s the Thing That Kills Almost Every Small Business’ Adwords Campaign

Most small businesses fail before they start, because they worry about what their peers, customers, families, friends will think.

In other words, they worry about their design!

Don’t worry about design right now. 

Because design doesn’t matter.

If your design or webpage content is holding up your ad campaign, then you are lying to yourself: It’s YOU who is holding up your business.

Are You a Business Leader or Are You Running For Congress?

This is business.  Business leaders need to be bold.

We aren’t trying to sell a $1 million product – at this point we’re simply trying to figure out if “plumbing help” is a better keyword for your biz than “plumber near me”.

It’s not rocket science – it’s human science, which is harder than rocket science, damnit!  And it’s not glorious work.  It’s in the weeds.  You’ll get dirty knees and holes in your jeans.

To be an effective marketer & small business owner, you’ve got to embarrass yourself every now and then.

If you don’t feel embarrassed by your marketing every week or so, then it’s no wonder you aren’t succeeding.

You’ve got to get skin in the game.

Toby Cryns

Toby Cryns is a freelance CTO and WordPress Guru. He also writes for