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I've tried just about every website builder there is: WordPress, Wix, SquareSpace, etc.

They all suffer from a single deficiency: In their attempt to be everything to everyone, they make it really easy to hate building your website.

What if building your website could be simple, quick, and (dare I say) fun?!

Google My Business Has a Free Website Builder!

I launched my first Google My Business website for my Minneapolis freelancer coaching business.

Here it is in all its glory (and only 10 minutes invested building it!):

First Impressions of the Free Google "My Business" Website

  • Super easy and intuitive to set up.  Just click where you want to edit, and go for it!  I loved this.
  • No configuration options.  I loved that there were no options.  No menus to get lost in.  No slideshow options.  No layout options.  Nothing.  Just the simplest website you can build in 5 minutes.
  • It's fast. Lightning fast.
  • Adding your .com domain is so damn easy it's almost comical.  
  • No email address "you@yourdomain.com".
  • No "https" or SSL.  This is a mind-boggling deficiency considering Google themselves say it's so damn important.  But whatcha gonna do?
  • Add your ".com" domain with a few clicks for only $12/year.  Super simple, and built into the workflow!  Amazing!


If you just need a website.  And you want it to look good.  And you want it to work on mobile.   And you want it now.  Then do Google's free "My Business" website.

It's lack of options make it impossible to break and even FUN to build!

I've been building websites professionally for more than a decade, and I haven't seen a better website builder for a quick website (free!).

Want to give it a try?  Start here.

If you'd like to have a conversation about how I can help you make more money by using little business hacks like this: email, text, or call me.

If you need custom WordPress design, let me know.

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