The Horrors of Covering Your Own Ass

Today I emailed a very simple question to support@[companyname].com (2 sentences total). The automated response I got back was this:

Keep in mind that the above was an auto-response and:

  • It’s hard to read.
  • Everything has the same import (e.g. none of it is important enough to call out separately).
  • It’s long.
  • It added absolutely-zero value.
  • I’m still waiting for a human response.

I learned long ago that auto-responses are always sent to cover-your-own-ass and therefore are completely worthless in the practical sense. I know, because I also use them from time-to-time! …and I always feel personal shame when I use them (rightfully so!).

In the case above, I would have been happier with no response until the actual human response that will likely simply be a single sentence: “Yes.”

p.s. Here’s another Cover Your Ass story about a pool schedule at the good ol’ YMCA:

Toby Cryns

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