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Coronavirus has forced us into working remotely whether we like it or not. As someone who is both passionately-curious about remote work and how we can create accountability amongst teammates when we’re not face-to-face, I thought I’d share some ideas to help you during your transition.

Below are the most-popular tools on the market, plus my recommendations for my preferred choice for each category of remote tools. You might have different preferences, and that’s cool and part of the fun! And remember, your tech stack is not as important as your humans. I’ll continually-curate this list, so please send ideas, experiences, and comments my way using either email or the comment form below.

Video Chat Tools

Project Management Tools

Real-Time Chat Tools

Collaborative Document Editing

Media & Image Sharing/Archiving (Digital Asset Management)

Marketing Tools

  • Bonjoro: Send quick video emails to friends, colleagues, customers, leads, etc.

Helpful Articles, Blog Posts, & Podcasts

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