On Company Culture

There is so much to learn all the time, in all places, in all people, and in all things.  You’ll bring your own perspectives, talents, and experiences to work with you every day, and we need to celebrate that. 

Also, we have a company culture that will be enhanced and changed by all you bring to work every day.  If I were to sum up our culture at The Mighty Mo! in one word, it would be “curiosity”:

  • The more curious we are, the better we can serve our customers, our teammates, and our world. 
  • The more curious we are, the faster we learn and improve. 
  • The more curious we are, the quicker we are to discover opportunities for our customers to pay us to do amazing things (and thereby keep our curiosity growing through our work). 

So celebrate your teammates’ unique experiences, be patient, be curious about them and the world. It’s good for business.

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