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The Mighty Mo! WordPress Design has been designing, building, & maintaining WordPress websites for over a decade with a clientele almost entirely in the upper Midwest (and in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis-St. Paul specifically). I posted my favorite books, tools, & services a while back, but that list is not specific to The Mighty Mo! Venture forth to learn The Mighty Mo!-specific toolset! Fwiw, I’d love to hear which tools you find most-valuable as you run your business.

Tools & Services We Use at The Mighty Mo!

  1. GSuite ($6 user/mo)
    1. Google Drive (weekly Pulse, email templates)
    2. Gmail (virtually all customer and internal communication)
  2. Slack (for urgent interruptor conversations) (Free) We stopped using Slack in 2020 in favor of Google Meet.
  3. Calendly (how customers schedule phone calls with us) ($15 user/mo). I switched to the free version of Calendly in 2020 and haven’t looked back.
  4. Harvest (customer invoicing for 1-offs) ($9 user/mo)
  5. Stripe (recurring customer invoices, 90% of payments) (2.9% + $0.30/transaction)
  6. Paypal/Xoom/WorldRemit/Western Union/Payoneer (paying contractors) (Fees vary)
  7. Tonsager Tax Service ($2k/year average)
    1. End of year tax filings.
    2. Payroll/W-2 checks, monthly/yearly tax filings
  8. Github/Bitbucket (for the rare times when code revisioning is needed) (Free)
    1. Do you know git?  If not, complete this Git training course.  Then complete this one.
    2. Review and understand our Git Deployment Procedures
    3. Review and Understand our Process for Completing To-Dos & Approval Flow
  9. Gravity Forms WordPress plugin (for website payments, contracts, & service signups) ($249/year)
  10. (hidden site we use for customer onboarding) ($30/year)
  11. Contactually (CRM) ($35 user/mo). I no longer use a CRM.
  12. Cloudflare (dns management) (Free)
  13. Dreamhost (a legacy subscription we probably don’t need anymore but that I nonetheless still use for my domain registrations…) ($200/year)
  14. Pressable (our Platinum WordPress Hosting partner) ($550/mo).
  15. Siteground, DigitalOcean, Greengeeks, Amazon, etc. (~$1k/mo).
  16. TMM Dashboard Customizations WordPress plugin (required & recommended plugins, dashboard updates for customers) (Free)
  17. MightyLucy (Hours-tracking for Legacy customers who still buy our services by the hour) (Free). We stopped doing hourly work for the most part and track time in Toggl.
  18. Divi Theme (for certain WordPress builds) ($70/year)
  19. Beaver Builder + Beaver Themer + Beaver Builder Theme ($350/year)
  20. Trello (Gold membership for project management & customer support tickets) ($12.50 user/mo). We no longer use a project management tool.
    1. SendBoard Trello Power Up (for using Trello as a customer ticketing system) ($19 board/mo)
  21. Zoho Vault (for secure password management & sharing) ($2/user/mo)
  22. Sucuri (for fixing hacked websites) ($499/year). Sucuri changed their billing, so we now contract this work out when needed.
  23. WordPress Coding Standards for all PHP, CSS, javascript, and HTML
  24. Toggl (For time-tracking) Free

Services We Offer:

  1. WordPress & Shopify Maintenance, Security, Speed, Improvements, Content, & Upkeep
    Website Amazing: Website maintenance, security, & upkeep (starts at $299/mo)
    Platinum WordPress Hosting (starts at $99/mo)
    Worry-Free WP Validated WordPress Backups & Updates (starts at $199/site/mo)
    Pre-paid Hourly WordPress Development (starts at $150/hour)
  2. New Website Design, Development, & Launch: WordPress Design, Refresh, & Launch (starts at $10k)
  3. WordPress & Shopify Training:
    Beginner WordPress Class by Email (Free)
    Unlimited custom video and phone training included in Website Amazing and WordPress Virtual Assistant.
  4. 1-on-1 and Group WordPress Training
  5. Fast WordPress

How We Treat People, Collect Payment, Revise our Products, and More!

How We Treat People, Collect Payment, Revise our Products, and More
How We Treat People, Collect Payment, Revise our Products, and More

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