Good Questions/Bad Questions In Website Design

The quality of your website is only as good as the questions you ask of it!

Below are some common questions I field from customers along with my conversation-starter responses.

Bad Question: My WordPress site is currently having issues – it's slow, and there's a weird error.  I think it's related to my web host.  What's the best website hosting company?

Good Questions I ask in response to website hosting question:

  • How many dollars is it worth to fix those issues?
  • The Mighty Mo! uses WP Engine for every website under its purview.  I don't recommend everyone use WP Engine – they are expensive!  But you will experience fewer headaches with them.  Is it worth 5x or 10x'ing your monthly hosting bill to get rid of the website hosting headache? BTW, switching your web host might not fix either of these issues…

Bad Question: I built this landing page.  What do you think?

Good Questions I ask in response to the value of a specific page:

  1. Does this landing page speak to your buyers where they are at right now and give them the opportunity to take the relationship 1 step further?  
  2. Is the call to action appropriate for where they are in the sales process (i.e. do they need "more info" right now, or are they ready to "register")?  
  3. How will people find this page?  Is the content appropriate to how they find the page? (i.e. Are you providing context via email, or is this page intended to target organic Google searches for [keyword]?)

Bad Question: I am generally pleased with the new website design, but I am a little put off by the “mosaic” thumbnail layout – it looks a little messy. 

First, if you are talking about "design", you've already lost the battle.

The value of a website is in conversions (signups, registrations, email list builders, etc.).

Design has zero value, except where it's related to conversions.  

Good Questions I ask in response to design feedback:

  • How will success be measured on the website (Signups, touches, etc.)?
  • What measurable actions will you take to achieve your goals?
  • Custom design costs $$$.  How many dollars do you want to invest in improving your design?


This was fun!

Ya know what?  If you have a website question you'd like me to answer, contact me, and I'll answer it here!

Toby Cryns

Toby Cryns is a freelance CTO and WordPress Guru. He also writes for