Freelance Basketball Coach in Minneapolis

Freelance Basketball Coach in Minneapolis

You have a basketball team of some sort – maybe it’s a YMCA team or park district team.

I’m not talking about people with NBA aspirations here.

I can help your team:

  1. Better-understand the fundamentals of team play.
  2. Learn to communicate better.
  3. Better-deal with high-stress moments (like when that ref misses an obvious call at the end of a game).
  4. Collaborate on offensive strategies.
  5. Play team defense.
  6. Enjoy playing again.

I love this stuff and do it for fun.

Sometimes we’ll just set up cones, and I’ll run you through some old-school drills.

Other times, we’ll work on the 3-2 zone or help-side defense.  Depends on what your team needs.

I’m also well-versed in the up-tempo “Grinnel System” and am looking for a guinea pig for that…

About Toby

I have lots of experience playing basketball and studying different offensive & defensive strategies.

Basically, I have all this amazing knowledge and very few places to put it to work.

Get Your Team a Coach!

If you love basketball and want to have a better experience playing with your team, contact me.

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