Discover Your Next Business Steps: a Free EOS/Traction Class in Minneapolis

A few years back, I implemented a process called EOS within The Mighty Mo!, and it transformed my life (not just my business).

I’m not saying there’s anything special about EOS, itself, but actually doing the process highlighted all sorts of opportunities for learning and business expansion that I didn’t know existed previously.

It was like the Price Is Right when they lift the showcase curtain at the end to reveal all that amazing stuff that could be yours!

Paying It Forward

I’ve invited a certified EOS pro, Mark Francis, to share some key EOS concepts and experiences with y’all on Dec. 11.  [register for this FREE class on]

He’s amazing and has helped all sorts of businesses sift through the cruft and become a better, more profitable, more calm version of themselves.

At the end of the day, that’s what EOS is: a recipe for business calm.

And who wouldn’t want more calm?

Toby Cryns

Toby Cryns is a freelance CTO and WordPress Guru. He also writes for