Request For Proposals (RFPs) Are Awesome! (But NEVER Respond to One!)

2 min read “Toby, I just spent the last week responding to an RFP, and when they received my reply, they said they already chose someone else!” Eee Gads!!! Here’s a Table of Contents from a real RFP I received in my inbox today: Freelancers hate RFPs. HATE them. By my non-scientific estimates, RFPs cause freelancers over 10 […]

All You Ever Need To Know About Responding to RFPs and Custom Proposals

< 1 min read Y’all who work at normal 9-5 jobs don’t need to deal with the B.S. that is an RFP process (or rather you get paid to deal with it).

But us freelancers gotta deal with a whole big bag of schtuff when it comes to custom proposals.

Here’s my quick-and-dirty RFP filtering process that I use every time.

(It’s about a minute read.)


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