Aim for 2%

Forget about aiming for big profits and complexity. Hitting your 2% Freedom Quotient will likely cause more positive change in your business than any other metric.

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How We Use Basecamp

basecamp feaures

Managing projects can be a headache. Basecamp doesn’t solve the human problems, but it’s features can empower you to do better work and launch that next project on time!

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We're Closing For Christmas Week!

We're Taking a Week Off

If you work for somebody else – be it a big company, small business, or non-profit – you are probably used to unplugged vacation time. But Freelancers generally do not set themselves up for that success. This year we’re taking Christmas week off!

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Biz Owners: Be careful with your word

Owners of businesses carry a special burden – merely speaking can cause unintended ripples in your company. Here’s a quick story where I learned (again – agh!) how my word as a business owner can cause employees to behave in unexpected ways.

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Rigid Return Policies are Stupid

stupid refund policy wp rocket

I offer a flexible, 110% refund on all my products. That’s right: I’ll pay you to leave for any reason within a reasonable amount of time with my Unlimited WordPress Support & Maintenance product, my Platinum WordPress Hosting product, and my WordPress Design, Refresh, & Launch product. I stand behind my products. I stand behind…

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