The WordPress Designer Bubble Is About To Burst

5 min read WordPress Is An Overheated Market Ready to Go KABOOM! 10 years ago, web designers were designers.  Web designers were people who fancied themselves artists and architects, and some were legitimately-brilliant web-artists and web-architects. Most were hacks.  But that’s okay, because art is personal and subject to influence. Those days are long gone, and art in […]

A Simple & Awesome Tweak To My Sales Process

< 1 min read I owe this brilliant idea to Barbara. (Thanks!) The Old Process (3 Steps) For the past year or so, my sales process for new web leads looked like this: Lead comes in via my contact form. I reply to the email with some times/dates via requesting a quick phone call. The person clicks a […]

Why I Say “No”​ Most Of The Time

< 1 min read Productivity Starts With “No”. Some questions deserve an immediate “yes”. Like when my daughter asks me to send her invisible parrot on a superhero mission. Or when my wife asks me to go on solo-daddy-duty tonight while she binge-watches Parks & Rec. I always say, “Yes” in those situations. For everything else, I start with “no”. […]