Tech Solutions Aren’t The Answer To Your Revenue Problems

A quick primer on How To Break Through Your Blockers and Permanently Solve Your Business’ Revenue Problems.

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How I Built a $5,000 Product

I no longer write custom proposals. I found a better way to run my WordPress Design company. It all starts when someone asks to buy something from me.  Yesterday, an existing customer asked for a website redesign. Up until yesterday, I didn’t have a product to redesign websites for existing customers (Website Amazing is a WordPress…

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All You Ever Need To Know About Responding to RFPs and Custom Proposals

Y’all who work at normal 9-5 jobs don’t need to deal with the B.S. that is an RFP process (or rather you get paid to deal with it).

But us freelancers gotta deal with a whole big bag of schtuff when it comes to custom proposals.

Here’s my quick-and-dirty RFP filtering process that I use every time.

(It’s about a minute read.)


#business #smallbusiness #lifehacks #innovation #entrepreneurship #strategy #productivity #personaldevelopment #emotionalintelligence #culture #consultants #freelancers #contracts #freelancing

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I’ve been fired!

Freelancers get fired all the time. For better or worse, it’s part of our business’ DNA.

But did you know getting fired can be empowering? Both to you and to the person doing the firing?

Here’s how you can make the most out of getting fired.

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Good Questions/Bad Questions In Website Design

The quality of your website is only as good as the questions you ask of it! Below are some common questions I field from customers along with my conversation-starter responses. Bad Question: My WordPress site is currently having issues – it's slow, and there's a weird error.  I think it's related to my web host. …

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Why I Work

“I’m sorry!  I have to pull an all-nighter again,” I shamefully told my wife as I slunk into the chair in my kitchen after dinner, 3-month-old baby crying in the background. It was May 2011, and I was miserable. I was thankful for my wife and infant daughter, but my business was continually dropping Collie-sized…

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The Importance of Google Reviews to Your Small Business

I recommend most small businesses forgo all but the most passive marketing efforts in favor of improving sales close rates. But when I say that, I often include a caveat, “Get Google Reviews.” Google Reviews communicate trust in one of the most popular channels where people look to build trust: Google organic search. It’s free…

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Don’t Do Marketing. Do Sales.

Why Are You Wasting Your Time On Marketing? Most small business owners spend too much time thinking about marketing. They spend hours, days, and years talking about their website layouts, logos, colors, content, images, etc. all in the name of good marketing. But they spend very little time refining their sales process. The Math on Marketing…

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