How We Use Basecamp

basecamp feaures

Managing projects can be a headache. Basecamp doesn’t solve the human problems, but it’s features can empower you to do better work and launch that next project on time!

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An Alternative to Elon Musk

As I drudge myself out of bed for yet another war with monotony, a battle with my fat-old-man eating habits, a valiant clash with against my child’s militant stand against doing their homework, and an overall feeling of blech due to our country’s unsteady Coronovirus response, I discovered this article and quote lionizing a quote Elon Musk gave to TED in 2017: “If you’re not progressing, you’re regressing; so, keep moving forward.” BLECH! Thankfully, we have an alternative to Musk’s medicine.

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I’m kinda done being formal.

As I worked in my sweatpants again for about the 300th straight day, I sent the following email in response to a lead who asked if I could support their company’s WordPress site…

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