“Now THAT was a good meeting!”

How to run Effective Meetings

A single effective meeting can change the course of history for a company. Imagine if you could lead effective meetings EVERY DAY! You can, but it takes curiosity & practice. This article is a good place to start your journey to a more effective you.

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Never Respond to RFPs & Custom Proposal Requests

Y’all who work at normal 9-5 jobs don’t need to deal with the B.S. that is an RFP process (or rather you get paid to deal with it).

But us freelancers gotta deal with a whole big bag of schtuff when it comes to custom proposals.

Here’s my quick-and-dirty RFP filtering process that I use every time.

(It’s about a minute read.)


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What content should I put on my homepage?

I see websites as one stop of many on the sales journey, useful to help get customers from Point A to Point B in the sales process (or maybe from Point D to Point E).  If you are wondering about what to put on your homepage, start with these basic sales-related questions: Who, specifically, will…

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The Horrors of Covering Your Own Ass

Today I emailed a very simple question to support@[companyname].com (2 sentences total). The automated response I got back was this: Keep in mind that the above was an auto-response and: It’s hard to read. Everything has the same import (e.g. none of it is important enough to call out separately). It’s long. It added absolutely-zero…

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If something stupid makes money, then it’s not stupid.

I’ve seen some stupid things in my life…And some of them were really really smart. I remember a story from decades ago where the U.S. military was looking to equip the Stealth Bomber with a fancy computer-driven video system so the pilots could see behind them. Well, the computers failed to get the job done,…

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