An Alternative to Elon Musk

As I drudge myself out of bed for yet another war with monotony, a battle with my fat-old-man eating habits, a valiant clash with against my child’s militant stand against doing their homework, and an overall feeling of blech due to our country’s unsteady Coronovirus response, I discovered this article and quote lionizing a quote Elon Musk gave to TED in 2017: “If you’re not progressing, you’re regressing; so, keep moving forward.” BLECH! Thankfully, we have an alternative to Musk’s medicine.

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Remote Work Resources

remote work resources

Coronavirus has forced us into a reality where our friends who are fortunate enough to have jobs, are forced to adapt to the new world of remote work. Thankfully, there’s tons of remote work tools & resources out there. I’ve compiled some of those tools & resources here.

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How We Use Slack

Experience in multiple businesses tells me that Slack creates more problems than it solves. Here’s how we use Slack at my WordPress company.

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We're Closing For Christmas Week!

We're Taking a Week Off

If you work for somebody else – be it a big company, small business, or non-profit – you are probably used to unplugged vacation time. But Freelancers generally do not set themselves up for that success. This year we’re taking Christmas week off!

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Growing From 1 to Zero

Growing from 1 to zero

A handful of years ago, we grew The Mighty Mo! from 1 to 8, and that was surprisingly-fun. But now we’re on a different quest – growing from 1 to Zero. The 1 being me. The Zero being growing the company without me.

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