Calm Company

I am always seeking to remove the anxiety from business and replace it with calm.

What is calm?

Calm companies are companies that are free of anxiety-inducing surprises.

Calm companies get paid on time and pay their people on time.

Calm companies communicate deadlines clearly and deliver on promises.

What Isn’t Calm?

Calm companies don’t jump from one emergency to the next.

Calm companies don’t push calendars around at the whim of their customers.

Calm companies don’t go crazy when a customer sends an urgent request.


Calm companies are use knowledge and experience to their benefit and to the benefit of their customers.

It’s Not Easy

I know it’s not easy.

used to run an agitated company.

I converted it to a calm company.

The process took years of continual improvements and small course corrections, but I’m proud to say that we are there.

And you know what?  My wife is happier, my kids are more fulfilled, my customers clearly-understand my value proposition, and I’ve got a hold of my life.

Can you say the same?