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I try to bring calm practices to everything I do, including business.

Through our work together, your business objectives will become more clear, we’ll develop your mindset of innovation, and those “code red!” emergencies you are used to will become a thing of the past.

Put simply, a calm business is a more-profitable, better business.

What is calm?

Calm companies are free of anxiety-inducing surprises.

Calm companies get paid on time and pay their people on time.

Calm companies communicate deadlines clearly and deliver on promises.

Calm companies get more important things done (because their time is prioritized like this).

Calm companies don’t have status meetings.

Calm companies have employees held accountable to important metrics.

Calm companies prioritize and don’t throw things onto your plate at the last minute (including last-minute meetings).

Calm companies don’t use real-time chat.

Calm companies say “No” more than they say, “Yes.”

Calm means an unplugged vacations & unplugged sick days for employees.

Calm  means money socked away for retirement.

Calm means monthly, automated W-2 deposits paid to your bank account so my family can plan for things.

How about a camping trip to the boundary waters later this year?

How about attending your little girl’s musical performance at her school?

How about completing a musical?

How about learning guitar?

When you run a calm company, you free up your time.

When you free up your time, you open up possibilities.

Calm companies use knowledge and experience to their benefit and to the benefit of their customers.

What Isn’t Calm?

Calm companies don’t jump from one emergency to the next.

Calm companies don’t push calendars around at the whim of their customers.

Calm companies don’t go crazy when a customer sends an urgent request.

Meetings without agendas are the opposite of calm.

It’s Not Easy

I know it’s not easy.

used to run an agitated company.

I converted it to a calm company.

The process took years of continual improvements and small course corrections, but I’m proud to say that we are there.

And you know what?  My wife is happier, my kids are more fulfilled, my customers clearly-understand my value proposition, and I’ve got a hold of my life.

Can you say the same?