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Marketing & Sales Ideas For Small Business Owners and Freelancers

Bold Ideas for building a more sustainable small business.

“Now THAT was a good meeting!”

A single effective meeting can change the course of history for a company. Imagine if you could lead effective meetings EVERY DAY! You can, but it takes curiosity & practice. This article is a good place to start your journey to a more effective you.

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EOS Level 10 Meeting Template

Some EOS Level 10 (L10) meeting templates I use in the real world. These templates have helped me to become a better, wrangle conversations, and run meetings effectively.

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Rigid Return Policies are Stupid

I offer a flexible, 110% refund on all my products. That's right: I'll pay you to leave for any reason within a reasonable amount of time with my Unlimited WordPress Support & Maintenance product, my Platinum WordPress Hosting product, and my WordPress Design,...

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