How We Use Slack

Experience in multiple businesses tells me that Slack creates more problems than it solves. Here’s how we use Slack at my WordPress company.

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What is a CRM, really?

what is a crm, really?

Companies invest massive amounts of money in CRMs like and SugarCRM, each of which leads us to believe that keeping up with leads & making sales is complex work. But the job of sales is simple and doesn’t require a complex & expensive system. What it requires is a human who is excited to do the actual work of sales!

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How Jaim Does Business

How Jaim Works

Jaim is this exceptional person in Minneapolis whom I admire and who blogs about his experiences navigating the world as a freelancer/coder/business owner. Here are some choice tidbits from his blog:

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Contracts Should Spark Joy!

contracts should spark joy

Most contracts I’ve seen are difficult to read and don’t accomplish the primary objective: clearly defining the amazing work that’s about to commence! Here are some ways we spark joy during our contract-writing process.

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We're Closing For Christmas Week!

We're Taking a Week Off

If you work for somebody else – be it a big company, small business, or non-profit – you are probably used to unplugged vacation time. But Freelancers generally do not set themselves up for that success. This year we’re taking Christmas week off!

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Growing From 1 to Zero

Growing from 1 to zero

A handful of years ago, we grew The Mighty Mo! from 1 to 8, and that was surprisingly-fun. But now we’re on a different quest – growing from 1 to Zero. The 1 being me. The Zero being growing the company without me.

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