An Alternative to Elon Musk

As I drudge myself out of bed for yet another war with monotony, a battle with my fat-old-man eating habits, a valiant clash with against my child’s militant stand against doing their homework, and an overall feeling of blech due to our country’s unsteady Coronovirus response, I discovered this article and quote lionizing a quote Elon Musk gave to TED in 2017: “If you’re not progressing, you’re regressing; so, keep moving forward.” BLECH! Thankfully, we have an alternative to Musk’s medicine.

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I’m kinda done being formal.

As I worked in my sweatpants again for about the 300th straight day, I sent the following email in response to a lead who asked if I could support their company’s WordPress site…

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YES Safe For Work FUN! Fancy Business Name Generators!

Fancy Business Name Generator

YES Safe For Work FUN! Fancy Business Name Generators! More often than not, my Great Business Ideas’ energies have been completely sapped by pointless name generation exercises. So why not just let a computer generate my next biz name for me and save all that energy for actually BUILDING that amazing New New Thing I dreamed of?!

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Remote Work Resources

remote work resources

Coronavirus has forced us into a reality where our friends who are fortunate enough to have jobs, are forced to adapt to the new world of remote work. Thankfully, there’s tons of remote work tools & resources out there. I’ve compiled some of those tools & resources here.

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