Are You Being Charged More Because You Are a Non-Profit?

“Are you a non-profit organization?”

A question on my website cost calculator

Fact: Organizations with multiple stakeholders require more time/energy/money/etc to build consensus compared to their single-person small business counterparts.

Groups of People Take Forever To Make Decisions

“We’ve got a board meeting next month,” Judy, an amazing non-profit founder, said after our phone call.  “I’ll run your proposal by the board and get back to you with feedback after the meeting.”

This type of stakeholder-requested delay is common on almost every non-profit project I have worked on.

“We’ve got someone working with us on the logo, and a member of the board wants it to be a little more powerful,” Bill, the CEO of a local non-profit, explained yet another delay to the website project he had signed off on.  “I’ll let you know how that goes after next month’s board meeting.”

Who Should Pay For Delays?

Delays cause admin overhead on all sides.  And business overhead has to be paid by someone.

So who should pay for that overhead?

I’m not making a moral judgement here, but my fun/entertaining/helpful Website Cost Calculator assumes the non-profit should cover that cost.

What do you think?


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