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About Toby Cryns

Building Communities

“Communities of people are at the core of all I do.” – Toby Cryns

A community-builder at heart, Toby Cryns has helped get a handful of businesses, user groups, and conferences off the ground in Minneapolis. The creator of six free & open source WordPress plugins which are available on WordPress.org and two awesome musical performances, he is also an active participant in local Arduino, Raspberry Pi, WordPress, and open-source tech communities.

He has been a featured presenter on various business- and WordPress-related events (WordCamps, WordUps, MIMA Summits, MinneWebCons, MinneBars, UnSummits, and more). Additionally, he is a regular guest on podcasts, blogs, etc.  In his free time, he teaches WordPress and WordPress-related coding skills at various colleges and venues around town and is a believer in and product of free public education.



With over a decade of business-building and technology consulting under his belt, Toby Cryns is among the most-recommended technology people in all of Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN.


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