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I'm a community leader.

Toby Cryns speaking at Prestige Conference

Collaborative WordPress Training + Site Build

Let's collaborate on building your next WordPress website! I'll be with you every step of the way, as we set up your site, add plugins, choose your theme, and set up integrations (e-commerce, e-learning, payment processing, memberships, etc.) I'll even share a screen recording of our entire process to ensure you never forget what you learned!

WordPress Speed Boost

WordPress site slow as a box of rocks on a hill? I can help make your site blazing fast!

Calm Website. Calm Company.

I work to bring calm to your WordPress site & your business. Add a quick call to my calendar to see how we can work together on your WordPress project. Learn how building a calmer company has changed my life:

Bill Hendricks from MCTC says:

Toby Cryns and Mighty Mo is great to work with on any web project. He is well-known in the web community and has a great reputation. Good humor and is a calm sort of guy. Knows his business, the business of marketing, and design.

Mark Longe says:

I had problems with a hacked website so I called Toby from Mighty Mo. Within hours of contacting him, he had my website cleaned and operating normally again. If you have problems, I recommend you give him a call.

Amber P. says:

Woohoo! Toby rocks! This morning I submitted to him a WordPress problem that's been vexing me for months. By this afternoon he'd completely resolved the issue AND gave me a detailed explanation of how he did it! So very pleased with the outcome, and so appreciative of Toby's responsiveness - and all at a fair price. I'll be back!

My Business Ideas:

The Most Over-Engineered Water Fountain Ever in All of Time and Space and Bevery Hills

By Toby Cryns

I discovered the most over-engineered water fountain ever in all of time and space and Beverly Hills. And it’s in my co-working space!

Download My EOS Level 10 Meeting Templates

By Toby Cryns

Some EOS Level 10 (L10) meeting templates I use in the real world. These templates have helped me to become a better, wrangle conversations, and run meetings effectively.

It turns out you are selling insurance.

By Toby Cryns

I read an interesting thing about project-based billing today, and it goes like this: So, if you are in the business of fixed-bid projects, make sure you are charging a premium for that insurance you are providing!

The Myth of the “Set it and forget it” app

By TMM Support

Web of Lies: The ‘Set It and Forget It’ Fantasy Unraveled by the Threads of Reality!

The absurdity of sellers paying the buyer fees when selling your home. Why the heck did I just pay $9,000 to someone I never met?

By Toby Cryns

We sold our family home a few years back for $300,000. We paid our realtor 3% and the buyer’s realtor 3%. This is a messed up system ripe for scandal, as we paid $9,000 to someone we never met, never worked with, and never saw. To this date, I still don’t know who or why…

On Company Culture

By TMM Support

There is so much to learn all the time, in all places, in all people, and in all things.  You’ll bring your own perspectives, talents, and experiences to work with you every day, and we need to celebrate that.  Also, we have a company culture that will be enhanced and changed by all you bring…

My Interview with a new website developer

By Toby Cryns

Insights from an experienced web developer, discussing his journey and learnings in the field. Through an email Q&A with a newcomer, he reflects on his self-taught path, the value of practical experience over formal education in tech, and the evolution of web development. He emphasizes continuous learning, adapting to technological changes, and values the fresh perspectives that new developers bring to the industry. The developer also highlights the significance of AI and foresees its impact on future communication and SEO in web development.

Why We Don’t Automate Our WordPress Hosting Business

By Toby Cryns

There are some great platforms out there to automate your website hosting biz: But we don’t use any of them. Here’s why: Hosting companies only get worse over time. Over the years, I’ve hosted websites on a bunch of platforms: All of these hosting companies share one thing in common: Over time, they all got…

Humble comfort for when you are about to embark on a life-changing journey

By Toby Cryns

Humble comfort for when you are about to embark on a life-changing journey

The Things an Amazingly Calm Company Does #1: WPMU Dev

By Toby Cryns

Sometimes the simple, human interactions are the things that build lifelong partnerships. Here’s an unexpected story about how a big company that brought joy to my life today.