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Hi, I'm Toby. I've been leading WordPress training workshops in Minneapolis, MN and the area surrounding Twin Cities for over a decade. As the co-founder of the Minneapolis St. Paul WordPress User Group and co-organizer of our first Twin Cities WordCamp, I've been a leading-by-example and giving back to our local WordPress community as well. Past customers include well-known entities like Greater Twin Cities United Way & Lume Deodorant, as well hundreds of local businesses such as Ultimate Fit Golf, Matt Wilhelm's Amazing Bike Show, and De León, Nestor & Torres. I also founded The Mighty Mo! (a WordPress design & development agency in Minneapolis, MN).

Toby Cryns, WordPress Developer in Minneapolis, MN
Toby Cryns, WordPress Developer in Minneapolis, MN

1-on-1 or Group WordPress Training

In-person or Online WordPress Training in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the Twin Cities metro. I enjoy teaching & collaborating with classrooms full of students as well as 1-on-1 online screenshares with folks who are just getting started.

Collaborative WordPress Training + Site Build

Let's collaborate on building your next WordPress website! I'll be with you every step of the way, as we set up your site, add plugins, choose your theme, and set up integrations (e-commerce, e-learning, payment processing, memberships, etc.) I'll even share a screen recording of our entire process to ensure you never forget what you learned!

WordPress Speed Boost

WordPress site slow as a box of rocks on a hill? I can help make your site blazing fast!

Calm Website. Calm Company.

I work to bring calm to your WordPress site & your business. Add a quick call to my calendar to see how we can work together on your WordPress project. Learn how building a calmer company has changed my life:

Business Ideas:

Why We Don’t Automate Our WordPress Hosting Business

By Toby Cryns

There are some great platforms out there to automate your website hosting biz: But we don’t use any of them. Here’s why: Hosting companies only get worse over time. Over the years, I’ve hosted websites on a bunch of platforms: All of these hosting companies share one thing in common: Over time, they all got…

EOS-inspired Level 10 Meeting Templates

By Toby Cryns

Some EOS Level 10 (L10) meeting templates I use in the real world. These templates have helped me to become a better, wrangle conversations, and run meetings effectively.

Humble comfort for when you are about to embark on a life-changing journey

By Toby Cryns

Humble comfort for when you are about to embark on a life-changing journey

The Things an Amazingly Calm Company Does #1: WPMU Dev

By Toby Cryns

Sometimes the simple, human interactions are the things that build lifelong partnerships. Here’s an unexpected story about how a big company that brought joy to my life today.

How Digital Ocean Cost Us Thousands of Dollars in a Single Day

By Toby Cryns

Here’s the rub for me: My belief is that bad stuff happens, and you need to own it. Digital Ocean definitely did not own it in this case. I wonder how the original founders of Digital Ocean would have reacted had they been in charge… For example, wouldn’t it be nice if an actual human…

Where uncertainty exists, don’t order specific.

By Toby Cryns

4 Idiot Case Studies with 2 simple age-old business lessons.

“Now THAT was a good meeting!”

By Toby Cryns

A single effective meeting can change the course of history for a company. Imagine if you could lead effective meetings EVERY DAY! You can, but it takes curiosity & practice. This article is a good place to start your journey to a more effective you.

Never Respond to RFPs & Custom Proposal Requests

By Toby Cryns

Y’all who work at normal 9-5 jobs don’t need to deal with the B.S. that is an RFP process (or rather you get paid to deal with it).

But us freelancers gotta deal with a whole big bag of schtuff when it comes to custom proposals.

Here’s my quick-and-dirty RFP filtering process that I use every time.

(It’s about a minute read.)


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What content should I put on my homepage?

By Toby Cryns

I see websites as one stop of many on the sales journey, useful to help get customers from Point A to Point B in the sales process (or maybe from Point D to Point E).  If you are wondering about what to put on your homepage, start with these basic sales-related questions: Who, specifically, will…

The Horrors of Covering Your Own Ass

By Toby Cryns

Today I emailed a very simple question to support@[companyname].com (2 sentences total). The automated response I got back was this: Keep in mind that the above was an auto-response and: It’s hard to read. Everything has the same import (e.g. none of it is important enough to call out separately). It’s long. It added absolutely-zero…